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My name is Rory. I’m 23. Mostly I write One Direction fan fiction, but sometimes I just cry over LiLo and Niall because I’ve never loved anything more. Also, there might be random bursts of me yelling over Teen Wolf. Sorry. I’m unstable. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


“Happy Birthday, Boo Bear,” Harry said, wrapping his arms around Louis’s neck and kissing him tenderly. Louis’s arms snaked around Harry’s waist. He stood on his toes so their faces were level as they kissed. Harry took a step closer, pressing their bodies together.

“Thank you, Haz,” Louis said once they pulled away. His hands glided up and down his boyfriend’s sides as he gazed at him. “You didn’t have to come. We could have celebrated after Christmas.”

He was lying, of course. They had only been apart four days, and he had missed the heat of Harry’s body next to him. He missed the pressure of his lips and the sounds he made when he slept. Sure, they could have celebrated after Christmas, but he was glad he was here now.

“Like I would miss your birthday,” Harry said.

“You should be with your family, Harry Styles,” Louis said, holding him tighter.

Harry smiled. “You’re my family,” he said. He kissed Louis’ lips gently. “Besides, I kind of brought someone with me—family, I mean.”

“You brought your family?” Louis asked, suddenly confused. “I mean, I’m just glad you’re here, but…”

But he was expecting sex. He didn’t have to say it; it was implied. His boyfriend surprised him on his birthday; he thought the sex was a given. As much as he loved Harry’s family, they kind of threw a wrench in his plans.

“Don’t worry. I only brought one person,” Harry said. “And he’s not going to effect our plans at all—in fact, he’s meant to make them better.”

“Harry, what are you talking about?”

Harry kissed his nose. “Lou-Lou, you should probably sit down.”


Harry knew this could go one of two ways: either it would be a massive hit, or it could go terribly wrong and potentially ruin his relationship with Louis all together. He tried not to think of the latter as he guided Louis to the couch. They sat, legs crossed, facing each other. Louis’s hand was laced with his.

“Sometimes I forget how gorgeous you are,” Harry said. Louis smiled shyly, his ice blue eyes piercing into Harry’s green. Harry had to tear his gaze away.

“Ok,” Harry continued. “There’s something you don’t know about me.” Louis’s face scrunched in concern. Harry rubbed the back of his hand with his thumb. “Don’t worry. It’s not bad.”

“What is it?” Louis asked.

“I have a twin,” Harry said. He had thought of clever ways to skirt around the statement, cute ways to introduce it, but in the end, he figured it was better just to be blunt. Louis’s jaw dropped.

“A twin?”

“Yeah,” Harry said. “His name is Edward.”

“But…isn’t your middle name…?”

“Yeah, don’t question our parents logic,” Harry said, rolling his eyes. “We don’t get it either.”

“Are you fucking with me right now?” Louis asked. “Am I being punk’d or something?”

“No, I—just wait here, ok?” He kissed Louis’s forehead and got up from the couch. He didn’t looked back as he walked into the other room.


“Fucking hell.” Louis leaned back against the couch, his mouth still agape. He brought his hand to his mouth and just stared, unable to do much else. Standing in front of him was his boyfriend. And next to his boyfriend was an exact replica. Well, not exact.

Edward’s hair was a little short—not much, but Louis noticed the difference. He stood up straighter than Harry. He also wouldn’t look Louis in the eye. His hands were stuffed in his pocket, his gaze falling everywhere, but on him. Louis scanned the twin, then his eyes flicked to Harry, who looked amused.

“There are two of you,” Louis said. Edward rolled his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, twin.”

“My name’s Edward,” he said, finally meeting Louis’s eyes. His eyes were a little darker than Harry’s.

“Be nice,” Harry said. “Both of you.”

Louis continued to stare at them. “Wait,” Louis said. “I haven’t…I mean, you two haven’t…like switched.”

“Oh, hell,” Edward said. “He thinks he’s living in Disney movie, Harry.”

“An X-rated one by the sounds of it,” Harry said with a smirk. “No, Lou. We haven’t. Wouldn’t you be able to tell the difference?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Louis said. Harry took Louis’s hand and laced their fingers loosely. “He’s kind of rude.”

“He’s kind of standing right here,” Edward said.

“Well, you did call him twin,” Harry said. “That was kind of rude.”

“Sorry,” Louis said to Edward.

“It’s alright,” Edward said. “I’m used to it.”

“Ok, no offense, but why did you bring him?” Louis asked. “I mean, I get wanting to tell me, but why now?”

“Edward was staying with family in the states, studying abroad,” Harry said proudly. “He’s the brains, you know.” Edward shifted uncomfortably at the compliment. “But he’s home for Christmas, and I wanted him to meet the love of my life. Plus, I thought you two would get along famously. Once you both stopped trying to out sass each other and got over the fact that you have to share me, of course.”

“Share you?” Louis asked, choosing to ignore the sass comment.

Harry glanced at Edward then looked back at Louis. He bit his lip and gripped Louis’s hand. He leaned forward and kissed him quickly.

“We got you a present,” Harry said. Louis looked between the twins. Edward was smiling now. Harry got up from the couch, pulling Louis after him. “If you want it, of course.”

“What is it?” Louis asked. Harry was standing to his right, Edward to his left. The latter reached out and took Louis’s free hand. Louis couldn’t help compare the two. Harry’s hand was familiar and soft while Edward’s felt colder, more uncertain, but not unwelcome.

“Well?” Edward said. “One time offer, Tomlinson.”

He had that amused look in his eyes that Harry so often had. His eyes didn’t have that same loving sparkle that Harry had when he looked at Louis, but he was more than willing. Louis had to admit, the thought of it excited him.

“Are you sure?” he asked Harry. Harry nodded. Louis looked back at Edward; he shrugged. “Okay.”

The twins smiled at each other and pulled Louis from the living room. Louis followed them willingly, trying not to think about what he had just gotten himself into.


The back of Louis’s knees pressed against the bed. The twins stood on either side of him, their bodies pressed against his. He had one arm wrapped around each waist. Harry kissed him first; their lips moved together slowly. Harry took Louis’s bottom lip between his, sucking gently. When his attention turned to Louis’s neck, Louis’s eyes locked with Edward.

They eyed each other for a moment. He looked like Harry, but he wasn’t Harry, so Louis was still hesitant in kissing him. Edward’s hand snuck under Louis’s shirt, running over his abs. Louis released the breath he didn’t know he had been holding. Edward raised an eyebrow, questioning him, looking amused. He made the first move, pressing his lips against Louis briefly.

“It’s ok,” he said quietly. “For the purposes of tonight, you can pretend I’m him.” There was something sad about the words, but Louis didn’t have time to question it because Edward’s lips were against his.

He moved faster than Harry and in rougher movements. He opened his mouth to allow Edward’s tongue entrance. Where Harry would submit to Louis’s dominance, Edward fought him for it. Eventually, Louis gave in. Harry’s fingers were undoing the buttons of Louis’s shirt as Edward bit Louis’s bottom lip. When Edward broke their connection, Louis was breathless.

He shrugged off his shirt before the twins pushed him onto the bed. He scooted up until he was leaning against the headboard. He hadn’t noticed how hard he was until the twins pulled off their shirts.

“Fucking hell,” Louis whispered, gazing at their identical physiques. He palmed himself through his jeans. As they stepped out of the jeans, Louis wondered how this would work. What were their limits? Would they touch each other or just him? Would they kiss? He felt his face burning; he was almost ashamed at how much the mental image turned him on.

The twins, now only in their boxers, crawled onto the bed on either side of him. Both men attached themselves to his neck. Their hands ran down his chest, stopping at the hem of his pants, as if they had rehearsed it. Edward’s hand traveled back up his torso while Harry’s rubbed his erection.

He groaned and raised his hips into the touch. Edward’s mouth created a wet path from his neck, across his collarbone, and to his chest. Louis treaded his fingers through Edward’s sloppy curls as his graze teeth grazed his nipple. He arched into the warmth. He felt Harry smiling against his neck.

Harry moved down his body and started unbuttoning his pants. He pulled both his pants and boxers off and tossed them onto the floor. He gripped the base of Louis’s cock and slid his tongue up the underside before taking him completely in this mouth. Edward’s tongue continued to run over his nipple, biting gently every so often. Louis’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. He groaned and pulled at Edward’s curls.

His breathing sped up considerably. He had never had a threesome before, let alone one where he was the center of attention. There were mouths everywhere. Every part of him felt like it was on fire. He was almost relieved when Edward released his nipple and moved back up to his mouth. Their lips moved together with more grace now, but the kiss was still rougher than it would have been with Harry. Edward knelt at his side.

Louis took a risk and pushed his hand into Edward’s boxer. He pulled him out and stroked as they kissed. Edward braced himself with one hand on the headboard, the other on Louis’s neck. He moaned and thrust into touch. Louis slid down the headboard until he was almost lying down. He propped himself up on his elbow and took Edward into his mouth, gripping his hips. Edward groaned; his head fell backwards as Louis’s tongue swirled around his cock.

Louis glanced down at Harry who was still working his dick. He tugged on Harry’s curls, bringing him back up to him. He released Edward’s cock long enough to kiss Harry quickly. Louis nodded toward Harry’s boxers. Harry discarded them. He knelt on Louis’s other side and stroked himself as he watched Louis blow his brother.

Louis got a strange rush from sucking someone else off in front of Harry. It was like doing something wrong, but it wasn’t wrong because it looked like Harry getting just as much pleasure from it. Louis turned his attention to Harry’s cock. He pumped Edward’s as he twisted his mouth around Harry’s length. He alternated between the two for an amount of time he couldn’t discern. He didn’t care. He could have gone all night, just like that, and he would have been satisfied.

Harry had other plans though. He pulled Louis up and kissed him. Louis’s arms wrapped instinctively around the two men. He broke from Harry and kissed Edward. Harry ran his hands over their lengths.

Edward’s hand slid down Louis’ back and over his ass. Louis moved his legs farther apart and moaned when Edward’s fingers glided over his entrance. He reached his hand behind his back and on top of Edward’s, pushing it farther. Edward smiled into their kiss.

“Is that what you want?” Edward asked him, his voice now husky. All Louis could do was whimper. “Ok.” He kissed his neck and got up from the bed. As he dug around their bag, Harry laid Louis down on the bed. He kissed him tenderly, running his hands over his thighs.

“I love you,” he said quietly. His green eyes staring down at Louis.

“I love you, too,” he responded. Their lips met again. The bed sunk to his right as Edward climbed back on the bed carrying two condoms and a bottle of lube. He knelt between Louis’s legs and opened the lube. He didn’t interrupt their embrace.

He entered Louis and began moving with skilled fingers. For some reason, Louis had thought that he was new at this, but the way he moved his fingers inside him—moving at the right pace, adding fingers with grace, and hitting all the right spots—Louis knew he was experienced.

Louis had to break from Harry, unable to stifle the moans escaping his lips. He bucked his hips down on Edward’s digits. “Oh, god…” he moaned. He came to the sudden realization that he had no idea what to call him. Edward didn’t seem like the kind of name one moaned during sex, but he didn’t know how he felt about being called Ed. It was probably better to avoid names, he decided.

Harry reached across Louis and grabbed the lube and extra condom. Louis hoped that the condom wasn’t for Harry. He wasn’t sure his body could handle that. His fears were forgotten, though, when Edward’s fingers pressed against his prostate again.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Please.”

“Please, what?” Edward asked with a smirk. Louis glared at him. He wasn’t sure he liked being in this position. Harry was usually the one begging, and Louis was the one smirking. That always seemed to be the case, even on the occasions when Harry topped. “Please, what?” Edward asked again, stabbing his fingers inside him. Louis’s back arched off the bed.

“Fuck me!” he said, his voice almost a growl. Edward pulled his fingers from inside. He leaned down and kissed Louis as he unrolled the condom over his erection. He entered him without warning, causing Louis to gasp and claw at his back. His thrusts, like his kisses, were rough and to the point.

Louis’s mouth fell open as Edward fucked him. His hands slid from Edward’s back to the sheets. He gripped them tightly. He turned his head to the side and groaned when he saw Harry on his knees next to him, one hand around his cock, the other fucking his ass as he watched his boyfriend being penetrated.

Louis panted and licked his lips. He reached out and grabbed Harry and tugged slowly and unevenly. Harry’s eyes closed and he moved into his touch. His now free hand slid over his chest. He bit his lip. He moaned as he pulled his fingers from his ass. He bent over Louis’s body and took the tip of his dick in his mouth while opening the condom.

He pulled back and slid the latex over Louis’s length. Edward straightened up as Harry swung his legs over Louis’s waist. Harry positioned himself over Louis’s cock and slowly sat on it. He leaned down and kissed Louis before starting to move. Louis’s hands rested on his thighs as he bounced on his cock.

“Oh, my god—“ Louis bucked his hips up then pushed back down, both wanting to fuck Harry and be fucked by Edward. For a moment, the twins both stopped moving and let Louis move between them. After a few frustrating moments of not getting all he wanted, Louis stopped.

Edward gripped him behind the knees and continued to push into him. Harry bent his legs on either side of Louis and rode his cock. He held his own dick, stroking it as Louis moved inside him. His mouth hung open.

“Harder,” Louis moaned. He didn’t care who interpreted the plea. He just wanted more. Both men responded. His whole body was exploding with sensation. He swore he could feel every nerve in his body vibrating. He wouldn’t last much longer.

He opened his eyes and groaned. Harry was leaning against Edward as he rode him; his head resting on Edward’s shoulder. Edward’s hands released Louis’s legs and roamed Harry’s torso. Their lips came together in an effortless kiss; Edward took Harry’s cock in his hand, tugging in time with his thrusts.

“Fuck,” Louis groaned. Every part of his brain that would usually tell him this was wrong, that they were brothers, was shut down. The parts of his brain that were still functioning told him that there was no way this couldn’t be right. He had never felt more turned on.

He thrusts faster into Harry, harder onto Edward. The men moaned into each other’s mouths. Harry gripped Edward’s wrist as he stroked him. His body tightened around Louis’s dick. He moaned loudly, coming onto Louis’s chest.

The twins broke their kiss. Harry panted and leaned against Edward’s shoulder again. “Oh, Lou,” Harry moaned.

“Fuck me harder,” Louis begged. Edward quickened his pace. Harry climbed off his penis and pulled the condom off. He threw it to the side and took him into his mouth as far as he could. Louis laced his finger through Harry’s hair.

He writhed under the men. Every part of him came undone. Warmth spread over his shaking body as he spilled into Harry’s mouth. Unrecognizable words and noises fell from his lips. His back arched off the bed. He begged them not to stop, not yet. Edward’s nails dug into Louis’s calf as he came inside of him.

Eventually, Louis slumped against the mattress. “Stop,” he said, his voice barely a whisper. Harry released his cock at the same time Edward pulled out of him. He shuddered at the sudden empty feeling.

Louis tugged Harry up to him. The two kissed lazily, their arms draping around each other, silly smiles playing on their lips. Louis’s eyes were starting to droop when he felt the movement. He looked up and saw Edward making his way off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Louis asked.

“Oh, I was just going to…” he pointed to the door. “So you two could…”

“Don’t leave,” Louis said. Edward looked at Louis who looked at Harry. “That’s ok, right?”

“I don’t mind,” Harry said. He ran his knuckles over Louis’s cheek. “Whatever you want, baby.”

Louis flipped onto his back and kicked the covers over him and Harry. He pulled the duvet down to his left. He nodded to the empty space. Edward looked unsure. “I don’t think we’re in any position to be shy, Eddy,” Louis said.

“Don’t call me that,” Edward said. He wouldn’t meet Louis’s eyes again. Moments ago, he was comfortable, but now he looked out of place. His hands fidgeted, and he looked like he was ready to run from the room. His words from earlier in the night suddenly came to Louis.

“It’s ok,” he said quietly. “For the purposes of tonight, you can pretend I’m him.”

It must have been hard for him, Louis thought. He was always compared to Harry, mistaken for Harry even. He was used to being turned away. He was used to Harry always bring picked over him.

“Please?” Louis asked. “I really want you to stay, Edward.” He held out his hand to him. Edward glanced at it, then at Harry then back.

“Okay,” he said finally. He took Louis’s hand and crawled up to the empty space.

Louis waited until he was lying down and guided his hand across his waist, pressing his back to Edward’s chest. Louis reached out and grabbed Harry, pulling him against his body. The men shifted until they were all comfortable, and Louis couldn’t tell whose hands were who’s.

“Did you have a good birthday, Lou?” Harry asked, his eyes slowly falling closed.

“I did,” Louis said. “But how on earth are you going to top it next year?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Harry said with a smirk. He cuddled into Louis’s chest. Edward’s breathing was already evening out; Louis could feel the rise and fall of his chest behind him.

As he started to drift off, Louis felt concerned for how comfortable he felt between the two men. He knew this wasn’t going to be a regular occurrence; he knew it might never happen again. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure he wanted it to. Harry was the love of his life. He was all Louis ever wanted, and part of him was scared that this could upset their balance.

He shook the thoughts from his mind. None of that mattered. All that mattered was this moment, lying between his boys. In the morning, everything would go back to normal, but for right now, there was this.

He settled into the warmth of the men engulfing him. One of his hands wrapped around Harry’s shoulders. The other rested on Edward’s forearm. He could feel Harry’s breath on his chest, Edward’s against his neck.

Without another thought, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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