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My name is Rory. I’m 23. Mostly I write One Direction fan fiction, but sometimes I just cry over LiLo and Niall because I’ve never loved anything more. Also, there might be random bursts of me yelling over Teen Wolf. Sorry. I’m unstable. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Louis’ jealously over Niam begins to take over him. Niall has to remind him that there’s no one else for him but Louis.


Niall huffed from his position next to Louis. Louis glanced up from his computer screen to the younger man. He was biting his thumb knuckle; his face was scrunched in confusion. Louis pulled out his ear buds and paused his video.

“What’s wrong, darling?” he asked. He craned his neck to see Niall’s screen and rolled his eyes when he saw he was on tumblr.

“It just…I don’t understand,” Niall said.

“I told you not to go on that site,” Louis said. “It’s best to let the fans do what they’re going to do and not look at it.”

“Well, someone set Josh this story,” Niall said. “He said it was funny when he sent it to me. It’s not funny. I don’t…understand.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a story,” Niall said, his eyes still scrolling over the words. “Where I’m pregnant with Liam’s child. I don’t…”

Louis rolled his eyes again. Of course he was pregnant with Liam’s child. It was always Liam. If he saw one more Niam sign, he was going to pull his hair out. The fans could really get things wrong sometimes.

“Just stop reading it,” Louis said.

“It’s just not logical,” Niall continued. “It can’t happen. I’m a guy. I can’t have a baby. I mean, I get writing fan fiction, but it’s just not possible.”

“It’s about as possible as you dating Liam, but they still write about it,” Louis said. He put his ear buds back in and went to push play.

“Yeah, but that could happen,” Niall said. “I can’t get pregnant.”

Louis’ hand hovered over the play button. His jaw clenched. “What could happen?” he asked carefully.

“Me and Liam,” he said, still not catching Louis’ anger. “But I can’t get pregnant.”

“Oh, well, that’s good to know,” Louis said.

“Louis, you know boys can’t get…what’s wrong?” Niall finally turned his head and saw Louis’ aggravation.

“Oh, nothing,” Louis said. “But apparently it’s perfectly logical for you and Liam to be together. It could happen.”

“Oh, Lou,” Niall said, closing his laptop. He pushed it to the side and faced Louis. “I didn’t mean. Of course, we aren’t…we wouldn’t. Lou…?”

Louis crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from Niall. Niall cupped his face and turned it toward him.

“It doesn’t matter what they think,” he said. “I love you. Not him. You know that. Just like I know you love me, not Harry. It’s just a thing.”

“What does Harry have to do with this?” Louis asked. He pulled away from Niall’s touch.

“Nothing. Just the fans. Larry…”

“Yeah, at least I don’t spend my night reading that smut,” Louis spat.

Niall sighed again. He closed Louis’ laptop and moved it over by his. He swung his leg around and straddled Louis’ legs. He rested his hands on Louis’ thighs.

“Lou?” he said. “Lou-Lou? Look at me. Louis. Boo Bear.”

“Don’t call me that,” Louis said quietly. Niall smiled. Getting him to talk was always the hardest part. He crawled up so he was properly straddling Louis’ waist. He draped his arms around his neck and turned his head to face Louis. Louis turned away.

“Why not, Boo Bear?” Niall asked. “Don’t you like it?”

“You know I don’t,” Louis said. He shifted under Niall.

Niall kissed his lips. “But it’s so cute, Boo Bear.” He kissed his cheek.

“Niall, stop.”

“Stop what, Boo Bear?” He kissed his neck.

“Niall James…”

Niall stopped kissing him and locked their eyes. Niall’s eyes gleamed as he looked at Louis. He raised an eyebrow and smiled a little.

“Boo Bear.”

Niall gasped. In one swift motion, Louis grabbed him and flipped the two of them over so he was kneeling in between Niall’s legs. Niall bit back a smile.

“I said. Stop,” Louis growled.

“And I didn’t…Boo Bear,” Niall said. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to make you,” Louis said. He pinned Niall’s arms above his head. His face hovered above Niall’s; their noses almost touched.

“Yeah, how do you think you’re going—“ Louis smashed his lips against Niall’s. Louis’s grip on Niall’s wrists tightened as their lips moved together. Louis pressed their hips together. He could feel Niall hardening under him.

Louis licked Niall’s bottom lip. Niall opened his mouth willingly. Louis automatically took charging, massaging Niall’s tongue with his own. He grinded his hips down against Niall’s. Niall groaned and thrust his hips up. Louis bit the younger man’s bottom lip and thrust down on him forcefully.

“No,” he said. “You don’t get to move, understand me? Do you?”

“Yes. Yes. I understand.” Niall slumped against the mattress and looked up at Louis. He still looked mad, but Niall could see in his eyes that he wasn’t.

“Good.” Louis kissed him again. He released Niall’s wrists. Niall moved his arms to his side. His lips dragged down Niall’s jaw to his neck. He bit lightly on Niall’s Adam’s apple then more forcefully on his collarbone.

“Fuck,” Niall groaned.

“That’s for moving your arms,” Louis said with his mouth now against Niall’s chest. “Didn’t I say not to move?”

“I’m sorry. I won’t,” Niall replied.

Louis’ teeth grazed Niall’s nipples on his journey down his body. At his stomach, Louis bit at the little fat Niall had on his body. By the time he got to his waist, Niall was completely hard. Louis sat up.

“Seems like you have a bit of a situation down there, Nialler,” he said. He rested his palms on his thighs and looked down at Niall. “Now, what would Liam do in this situation?”

“Nothing,” Niall said. He fought every urge in his body that wanted to buck his hips up. “He wouldn’t do anything.”

“Why?” Louis asked. His hands moved to Niall’s pelvis.

“B-because…because,” he stammered, unable to think properly in his current state. Louis started to pull his hands back. “Because he’s a prude. And he wouldn’t know what to do.”

“And?” Louis asked. He hooked his fingers under the band of Niall’s shorts.

“And even if he did, he wouldn’t be nearly as good as you,” Niall choked. Louis pulled Niall’s shorts down.

“No,” he said. He circled his fingers around the base of Niall’s cock. “He wouldn’t be.”

Niall bit his lip and gripped the sheets. He didn’t open his eyes, but he could practically hear Louis’ smile as he very slowly moved his fingers up Niall’s dick. By the time Louis got to the tip, Niall thought his whole body was going to explode from frustration.


“What, Nialler?” Louis asked, pulling an innocent face. “Am I doing it wrong?” He removed his hand quickly.

“No, Louis, please,” Niall begged.

“What?” Louis asked again. “Tell me what you want, Niall.”

“Fuck, touch me,” he said. “Fuck me. Please.”

“Well which is it, Niall?” Louis asked.

“Fuck me,” Niall pleaded, his voice straining.

Louis leaned down and took the tip of Niall’s cock in his mouth. He ran his tongue around it and down the slit. As he did, he forced three fingers into Niall’s mouth. Niall ran his tongue around them, coating them with saliva. He moaned as Louis took more of him in his mouth.

Louis took his fingers from Niall’s mouth, but kept moving his mouth around his dick. He pushed on Niall’s thighs; Niall bent his legs, pressing his feet to the bed. Louis slid two of his fingers inside him. He curled his fingers upward, automatically hitting Niall’s prostate.

“Shit.” Niall involuntarily pressed down on Louis’ fingers. Louis let his dick fall from his mouth and glared up at Niall. “Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t mean to. Sorry.”

“That’s two,” Louis said. “Three strikes and you’re done, Horan. Got it?”

“Yes. Yes. I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “Just keep going. Please.”

Louis took him back into his mouth. He moved just the tips of his fingers inside him, hitting the same spot gently over and over. Niall clawed at the sheets, moaning.

“Louis,” he panted. “God damn it. Please.”

Louis continued until Niall’s legs became to shake. He knew he was on the brink. He pulled his fingers out and released his cock.  He crawled up Niall’s body and straddled his shoulders. He wove his fingers through Niall’s hair and tugged his head up. He guided his dick into Niall’s mouth.

Niall took as much of him as he could with Louis sitting on top of him. Louis bit his lips as he watched Niall’s small mouth wrap around his cock. He hung his head back, moaning quietly.

“Enough,” he said suddenly, pulling Niall’s head away.

He crawled back down Niall’s body and in between his legs. He spit onto his fingers and rubbed them over Niall’s entrance to give him a little more lubrication. He lined himself up, gripped Niall’s bent legs and pushed into him with one thrust.

“Fuck,” Niall groaned. His eyes squeezed closed. His whole body tensed.

Louis didn’t wait for him to relax before starting to move. He fought against Niall’s body as he moved his dick.

Louis bit his lip and groaned; the hot tightness of Niall’s body overwhelming him. He gripped Niall’s legs tighter. Niall’s body began to relax, making it easier for Louis to move. Soon he built up a steady motion, hitting Niall’s prostate with every thrust.

“Yeah,” Niall moaned. “Fuck. Louis, yes. Harder.”

Louis sped up. Niall’s clenched around him, tightening then releasing. “Shit,” Louis breathed. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Harder, Louis,” Niall begged. “Fuck me, faster.”

Louis moved hips as fast as his body would allow. His whole body slumped forward, resting all his weight on Niall’s legs. He gripped Niall’s cock and jerked in time with his thrusts, needing him to come first.

“Oh, god,” Niall panted. “I’m coming. I’m gonna…” Thick ribbons of come shot across his chest. His body shook and convulsed under Louis as he came down; the over load of sensations set Louis over the edge, coming inside of Niall.

When they were both spent, Louis pulled out of him and collapsed beside him. Their shoulders touched as they panted. Eventually, Niall turned his head and kissed Louis shoulder before resting his head there. Louis kissed the top of his head.

“I think I may be pregnant,” Niall said. Louis laughed.

“We all know that’s not possible, Niall. Don’t be ridiculous,” Louis responded.

“More possible than me ever being with anyone other than you,” Niall said, looking up at Louis.

Louis smiled and kissed his nose. “You’re a mess, Horan,” he said. “You need to take a shower before we need to call for new sheets.”

“Join me?” Niall asked as he got up from the bed. He held a hand out to Louis. Louis took it.

“Of course.” 



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