Rory Croft

My name is Rory. I’m 23. Mostly I write One Direction fan fiction, but sometimes I just cry over LiLo and Niall because I’ve never loved anything more. Also, there might be random bursts of me yelling over Teen Wolf. Sorry. I’m unstable. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
At least you know what it looks like now.
Calum Hood, this dick
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Rory you like disappeared
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

I know! I work so much. I’m so tired that I barely even turn on my computer!!! 

Asker flashhoran Asks:
hey! i haven't talked to you in a while, just wanted to drop in and say hello! (^-^)
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

Hi, babes!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what do you think of his penis?
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

I expected it to be a little thicker? And uncut. But it’s a nice penis. Nice size and shape. Good penis.

Offical thoughts:

-messed up of the fan to leak the pics

-cool because I’ve seen his dick.

-kind of a lose/win situation.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thoughts on Calum's nude leak?
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

excuse you?


Give. ME.


Using the layover to my advantage. #writing #atax #CarterTheOtter

hiiiii what's your new writing software? it looks really good and i'd like to try it :)
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

it’s called scrivener, and it’s a beautiful mess.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey hun. I PROMISE I'm not being rude or a dickhead or anything. I just wanted to let you know something about the part of atax that I read from the pic you posted. I'm only saying this because I read your stories, love them to bits... (c)
rorycroft rorycroft Said:

I never got anything after this message?

I’m about five seconds away from writing Big Brother Zankie fanfic.

Lord help me, I’ve fallen off the deep end.